Conversations that Matter - Issues #2

(July 31, 2016 , posted in Viewpoints)

I believe responsibility for where we, as realtors, find ourselves today lies with all of us so the question I must ask is--what can I do as a Realtor right now, today, to elevate my chosen profession and maybe even make a difference? 

Get out of the GREY

A wise realtor once said to me that realtors face "grey" areas all the time where answers are not always white or black, right or wrong. The more you stay true to your ethics and principles, the more you will be able to navigate "the grey" with integrity.

Dig Deeper

People buying and/or selling properties are in the process of changing lifestyles, financial status, geographic locations, work and business life, people in the home, contents in the home, neighbours, proximity to amenities and the list goes on. Realtors are priviledged to enter into the conversation at key points during this process. Digging deeper demands skill in asking the right questions and even slowing down the process to explore issues, options & opportunities with our clients before heading into the fray of a frantic market.

Have Conversations that Matter

I think that's why I love the above picture so much. Besides being graphic and an awesome photo, it's a picture of 4 empty chairs in a grouping that is conducive to conversations. Conversations that matter affect change.  Far beyond doing the paperwork, realtors listen, assess, advise, research and negotiage. Having a conversation that matters means conducting business in a responsible, ethical and professional manner with EVERYONE along the way including questioning each other when something doesn't seem right.