Conversations that Matter - Issues #2

(July 31, 2016, posted in Viewpoints)

I believe responsibility for where we, as realtors, find ourselves today lies with all of us so the question I must ask is--what can I do as a Realtor right now, today, to elevate my chosen profession and maybe even make a difference? 

Get out of the GREY

A wise realtor once said to me that realtors face "grey" areas all the time where answers are not always white or black, right or wrong. The more y... read more.

Conversations that Matter - Issues #1

(July 22, 2016, posted in Viewpoints)

There has been a lot of press lately about realtors and our ability or lack of ability to self-regulate. I personally think that Christie Clark's decision to "take control" was a sledge hammer approach where a collaborative hammer might have done the job more efficiently and effectively. The report that precipitated this move (IAG REPORT) mentions several ways our Real Estate Council has failed to... read more.

To List or Buy first? That is the question!

(June 24, 2016, posted in The Market)

Everyone knows the market is hot! While Vancouver and Lower Mainland stats provides interesting news, what does that really mean on the ground in the Comox Valley?

It means Buyers & Sellers alike are facing new challenges. There are many risks compared to the "List, Sell, then Buy" balanced market experience in the past. 

When the market is hot, Sellers who SELL first are challenged to:

1. find a suit... read more.

The Skinny on "Assignment" in Real Estate Contracts

(June 17, 2016, posted in Buying)

It's been in the news, primarily negative press about foreign buyers buying a property and "assigning" the contract to another buyer before completion. Yes, it's legal! The negative side to this is that sometimes the assignment came with a price hike allowing the original buyer to make a tidy profit and the seller none the wiser and certainly none the richer!


(May 13, 2016, posted in Local News )

Fresh Fest
BC Shellfish & Seafood Festival
Friday, June 10, 2016 | 6:00 PM - 9:30 PM | Old House Hotel, Courtenay 

Join us for Fresh Fest - one of the signature events for the BC Shellfish & Seafood Festival that celebrates unique culinary seafood creations. The evening will showcase farm-raised seafood culinary tasting stations paired with B.C. VQA Wines.

While the chefs and seafood are the stars of F... read more.