Pricing (immediately before listing)

Current Market Stats and Comparables
You’ve taken the time to prepare your home and you have decided in consultation with your REALTOR® when to list. The list price and/or the market may have changed between the time you met initially, so getting clear, current information is vital. Your completed projects may have added significantly to your list price as well.

What IS the “Market”?
The “Market” is not an exact science nor is it something a realtor or anybody else controls. It really comes down to the Buyer’s perceived value for price, or what a Buyer would be willing to pay for your home. Interpretation of the market is skill, experience, a little science, and an art. Your REALTOR will discuss the pros and cons of pricing your home too high, too low or at market value.

Factors that Influence your Listing Price?
There are a number of variables that all REALTORS consider:
  •  Current & Global market conditions
  •  Location – what’s happening in your neighbourhood and how people expect it to change
  •  Number of Properties currently on the market
  •  Properties on the market that compete directly with your house.
  •  Recent sales of similar properties in nearby neighbourhoods
  •  Recent sales on your street and in your neighbourhood
  •  The size, finishes and condition of your home

Other amenities and/or site influences 
The following can be important to Buyers as well:
  •  Additional accommodation available in the home for use as rental property
  •  Closets and storage
  •  Privacy, ocean and/or mountain views, gardens and outdoor entertaining spaces
  •  Parking and/or garage
  •  Workshop space located outside the home

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