“The future of real estate is not offering 1% commissions, 
nor is it about discounting commissions, 
it’s offering choices to techno-savvy consumers 
who see themselves as participants in the process.”  Alice East
The paramount question on every seller’s mind when we sit down and talk is how are we going to find a buyer for their home and how much money will they end up with after their house is sold.

It makes sense that part of our discussion would be about how much Realtor commissions are.The ability to participate and make commission choices is one of the ways we're different from other real estate teams. 

We can show you how the commission for each Service Package is determined. One of the reasons we're able to pass savings onto our clients is because we don't have a brick & mortar building.

We find a buyer for your home by determining how buyers are looking for homes. Our marketing plan targets the buyers most likely wanting to buy your house on the world-wide internet which we think might be just as advantageous as a company with a worldwide presence.

For a more detailed description of each Service Package, click on the links below:
This package would suit experienced sellers who have sold their home themselves before and would like professional assistance with legalities and want exposure on These “Do It Yourself” type sellers have the expertise, time and energy to devote to the process.

This package would suit sellers who would like to put some of the commission dollars back in their own pocket. They are experienced sellers who typically have done some presentation work in their home already and are motivated to collaborate with our realtors to for a successful sale.

PREMIUM Service Package**
This package would suit busy professionals & families, sellers that have a limited time frame, or home owners who would prefer to let us do all the work. From making sure your home is “show” ready, extensive marketing, to floor plans and more, we take the reins and get it done.