Before you Show your Home
Your house is ready to go, cleaned from top to bottom, and everything is put away neatly. Sometimes it’s the overlooked things that make a difference when the Buyer sees your house for the first time. You might want to invite an honest neighbour or friend to tour your home. Ask them:
  •  what they see on the way up the sidewalk. Is the Front Door easily visible and does the home look well-  cared for? Curb appeal will make buyers want to stop and see what's on the inside.
  •  how your home smells. Does it smell like your beloved pet, a smoking room, or the mall perfume counter? It should just smell clean! No need to add more scent especially since a lot of buyers think perfumed scents are covering up bad odours and many buyers & REALTORS are scent-sensitive.
  •  if there’s enough room in your foyer to remove boots or shoes. Think about making it easy for buyers to  sit down and take their footwear off. Provide a chair, a bench or a stool.
  •  whether your living room and/or family room gives them an irresistible urge to sit & relax.
  •  to observe whether your friend or neighbour goes right to the spot where they can sit and yak with the  cook in the kitchen. If not, your house may need a little staging magic.
A Word About Security
Your collection of Rolex watches might look fabulous on your dresser, but shouldn’t be on display when you’re selling your house. It only takes a split second for something to go into a pocket. Security tips include:
  •  Don’t have your calendar visible on your wall or in your home office showing you’ll be away for a couple of weeks. Agents do screen their buyers but sometimes “buyers” might see something they’d want to steal and a calendar advertises when you’re not home.
  •  Put all your valuable items in a storage unit and or bank deposit box including your will and any jewelry that means something to you. Your laptop computers and “lift-able” electronics should not be visible either.
During the Showing
It’s best for you AND your pets to not be there. Try to leave about 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Buyers need to be able to experience your home as “theirs” and not be worried about opening a door or closet or accidently letting your “indoor only” pet out.  Be aware that agents schedule their showings for an hour or more but may not need the whole hour to view it, or may not get to the property at the scheduled time. Take your cell phone. If there is an scheduling issue the showing agent would typically call your REALTOR® and you would get a phone call with an explanation.

If you are a DIY-er Seller, wait until the showing agent arrives. Let them in and ask if they would like you to leave or stay and give them a tour. Of course, if just the buyer shows up, give them a tour.

After the showing
You are SO ready to just relax. Before you do, take a few minutes to check a few things.
  •  If you get home and there’s still people in your home, call your REALTOR to see what’s going on. It may        be that the buyers are so interested in your home that they start the offer process immediately.
  •  Most agents leave their business cards to show they were in your home. If they didn’t, mention it to your      REALTOR® so they can find out if the agent needs to book another showing.
  •  Take a look around and make sure everything is in its place after the showing, tour or open house.
  •  Give your REALTOR® a day or two to get feedback from showing agents. The showing agent may be out      with their clients over a few days or is writing an offer on another house and hasn’t had a chance to            compile feedback.

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