We're on a MISSION
To put your real estate goals, dreams and interests first so you can LIVE better.
To produce marketing material that is REMARKABLE so your home SELLS better.
To always expand our knowledge & training so we can SERVE you better.

WHO we are
We are all creative, outside the box thinkers who love what we do. We are also proud to be a part of a larger team of professional realtors and staff supported by our Brokerage, O.J. Realty & Property Management, Inc.
O.J. Gorringe, Owner and Don Fredricksen, Managing Broker are both realtors and have years of experience which they generously share with us all!

Alice is a full-time realtor who is also skilled in home staging & photography. She is passionate about making sure her clients get great service and admits to being positive, creative and a little nerdy...Whether providing advice to best showcase your home (with15+ years design & staging experience) to knocking on the door of “that oh so perfect” home for you, Alice's goal is to provide 5-STAR service. As a bona fide research nerd, she loves to dig for information on behalf of her clients. We think it’s one of the keys to her success & might also be because she wanted to be an archaeologist when she was little.

Self proclaimed DIY'er & over-achiever, Esther blends her business knowledge with her true calling - design. The left & right side of her brain duking it out to achieve creative synergy within her marketing, accounting  & administration capacity. Esther’s quick wit and talent are indispensible to the team and her skills are as numerous as they are invaluable. She’s also partner extraordinaire to Ross. On the rare occasion..., when she is away from work, expect to see her enjoying the company of family & friends.

Ross Keylock, the creative force behind the Select Choice Team’s unique service/commission structure, is taking time away from active realtoring to pursue another of his real estate passions. While he is not actively listing and selling here, Alice will run point for the team. He & Esther will continue as team consultants while he’s happily involved in another real estate-related project.

Alice East

Esther Keylock

Ross Keylock