Tips on Finding your NEW HOME

Responsibilities — Working with a REALTOR®
By now you will have had an initial meeting with us, you know the price range you’re working with, have discussed the pros and cons of putting your home on the market before you find a house to buy and are ready to start looking.
At this time we'll introduce you to a few documents that need to be understood and signed before you go house hunting:
  •  Working with a REALTOR®—How you want to work with your REALTOR (Agency), duties and responsibilities of you and your REALTOR®, and who has access to your personal information in the process.
  •  Buyer’s Contract—this contract is similar to a seller’s listing contract in that it clarifies how long you and your REALTOR® will be looking for houses together, what the terms are and what everyone’s responsibilities are in the process.
What IS the MARKET anyway?
The “Market” is not an exact science nor is it something a REALTOR® or anybody else controls. It really comes down to the Buyer’s perceived value for price, or what a Buyer would be willing to pay for a home. Interpretation of the market is skill, experience, a little science, and an art.

House Hunting Tips
House hunting is definitely different depending on the prevailing type of market.
  • In a BALANCED or BUYERS’ MARKET—You’re armed and ready, budget, needs and wish list in mind, initial paperwork done and you know a little more about the “market” so you when it comes time to make an offer you are prepared. You have also been receiving emails of currently listed homes that are close to your criteria. (If you're not, contact us and we'll set you up!) As you receive them, be sure to make note of which ones make your top 10 list and why. If you live nearby you may want to drive by them to see if they’ll remain on your top 10 list. Email your REALTOR® with your list. By the time you book showings, you’ll be ready to choose #1!
  • In a SELLER’S MARKET—The second you see a house you think you might like, call your REALTOR and book a showing! Chances are 6 other people have done the same thing. Timing is crucial so don’t wait. Your agent will also be contacting you to see homes just posted on the Hot Sheet. Be prepared to be flexible so you can see the home as soon as possible. Talk with your employer and co-workers ahead of time. This is when all your preparations will come in handy! You know what you want and can act decisively when you find THE ONE.
  • How do I know it’s the right one?  Buyers can make lists and compare properties using sound, rational thinking. In the end, it’s more of a knowing that a house is right. The minute you walk in, you feel happy and you just know it’s the one. So it’s the right one when the important boxes are ticked and you just feel “at home”.

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